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UI Language

The natural language used in the UI.

UI Style

The style used for the UI. The available options are different on different platforms.

The “default” style is either the most appropriate style on your platform or the style specified by the --style command-line option.

On Windows, there’s an extra option “Auto Fusion”. “Auto Fusion” is either dark or light depending on the system theme (i.e. whether the Windows application theme is dark or light).

If there’s anything wrong after you change the UI style, you can try restarting CP Editor.

Editor Theme

The syntax highlighting theme for the code editor.


The opacity of the main window.

Test Case Maximum Height

The maximum height of a test case before the scrollbar occurs.

Show Compile And Run Only

Hide the compile only and run only buttons.

It can be useful if you don’t care about the time used on compilation.

Display EOLN in Diff

Use “¶” to visualize the end-of-line in the diff viewer. It is useful if you want to see differences of the end-of-line (i.e. extra empty lines at the end).

Add extra margin at the bottom of the code editor

Add an extra margin at the bottom of the code editor, so that you can scroll less.


Show only Monospaced Font

When checked the font picker dialog shows only monospaced fonts.

Custom Application Font

Use a custom font for the UI (except for code editor, test cases, messages, etc.), instead of the system font.