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Build from AUR

This is recommended for Arch Linux users. You can use an AUR helper to check for updates and get the latest features. What’s more, since the AppImage is built on Ubuntu, you can only use the fusion theme, but if it’s built on Arch Linux with KDE you can use other themes like Breeze.

This method is only for Arch Linux (or other distros based on Arch Linux, including Manjaro) users.

There are two AUR packages for CP Editor: cpeditor for the stable version and cpeditor-git for the alpha version.

If you have yay installed, you can run yay -S cpeditor to install. If you don’t have yay and don’t know how to install from AUR, you can read how to install yay or the Arch Wiki .

After the installation, you’ll be able to run CP Editor by cpeditor in your terminal or launch from the start menu like other apps.

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