Frequently asked questions by CP Editor users

How to fetch test cases from the websites?

You have to install Competitive Companion on your browser, and use it on the website while CP Editor is running. Here is a youtube video demonstrating this setup.

How to submit to CF inside CP Editor?

You have to either parse the problem from Competitive Companion, or set the problem URL in the right-click menu of the tabs. Then you’ll see the submit button.

I am using it on Codeforces but the submit button is not clickable.

It’s because CP Editor can’t run the cf command. Please make sure it’s in the PATH or set the path to it in the Preferences.

When I click the Submit button, I get some message saying template is required?

CF-Tool requires you to configure it before you use it. Please run cf config in the terminal to set the username & password and add a template.

How to enable error linting in the code editor?

You need to install a Language Server program and set the settings in Preferences -> Extensions -> Language Server. You can learn about more details here .

My code gets TLE on every first execution after compilation.

It’s probably because your anti-virus software is scanning your program. A possible solution is to set the output directory of the executable files (for example, you can set it to D:/cpeditor-executables/${basename}), and add that directory (D:/cpeditor-executables in the example) in the whitelist of your anti-virus software.

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