Frequently asked questions by CP Editor users
  • How to fetch testcases from the websites?
  • How to submit to CF inside CP Editor?
    • You have to either parse the problem from Competitive Companion, or set the problem URL in the right-click menu of the tabs. Then you’ll see the submit button.
  • I am using it on Codeforces but the submit button is not clickable.
    • It’s because CP Editor can’t run the cf command. Please make sure it’s in the PATH or set the path to it in the Preferences.
  • When I click the Submit button, I get some message saying template is required?
    • cf tool requires you to configure it before you use it. Please run cf config to set the username & password and add a template.
  • How to enable error linting in the code editor?
    • You need to install a Language Server program and set the settings in Preferences -> Extensions -> Language Server. You can learn about more details here.